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Box5 28th August 2011 11:59 PM

Unimog 406
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Haven't posted in awhile, but then again I haven't made anything in awhile.

In progress on a Unimog 406 from scratch. Everything is made/textured in ac3d (minus terrain). I did export to blender to do some AO baking though since ac3d lacks that little tid bit. I tried to get a little more detailed on this model compared to some older ones, especially for moving parts in game (steering linkage, coils etc)

Box5 15th October 2011 03:03 AM

Re: Unimog 406
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Not much interest here, but i'm still plugging away on my baby.

Anyway, much needed texture work done, sorta finalizing this now, interior done, other details noone but me sees. Thanks

MILT40 15th October 2011 04:09 AM

Re: Unimog 406
Nice.Very nice work.Love the tires.How did you design them.A small tutorial maybe?

Box5 15th October 2011 01:08 PM

Re: Unimog 406
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I'll do a quick step by on the basic process. It won't be in any detail but its the same principal I use.

-Draw a line of the radius of the general tire shape you want.
-Then open the revolve tool from the object menu up top.

-The settings in the revolve menu matter, pick the Axis you want the line to rotate on, in my case it was Z. I chose 24 segments so its decently smooth, leave 0 as offset.
-Click revolve.

-The blue blue block is my tire tread pattern, you can make it a detailed as you want, even separate lugs, but only do one small section of "tiled" lugs, so that when you spin them around the tire, they flow nicely.

-Now press F11 to open the replicator tool, or find it in the tools menu.
-I put 12 in the Z slot so each blue lug moves 12 degrees around the tire, you can experiment until you get the perfect spacing. Don't touch anything else and click replicate Go. It should spin just 1 blue block around,, keep clicking Go and it will make them all around.

Then of course, you can mirror the blue lugs and slightly rotate them to stagger the pattern so they're not mirroring each other on the other side of the tire.

Hope that helped.

MILT40 15th October 2011 11:54 PM

Re: Unimog 406
Hey Box5, Thanks. This is great...I think I can take it from here.You"re good and it shows.

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