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Default Re: Some more questions from a noob.

Originally Posted by mooseberry View Post
1. I'm working on a pistol I'd love to use in-game, so I'd like the poly count to be as low ass possible. If I've allready made the model what ways are there to reduce the poly count besides optimize vertices and surfaces? (I think weld/merge/snap something like that might help a little.)
I use Surface > Combine a lot. Just pick two surfaces that are nearly flat, combine them, and delete the extra verts. Keep going until you have the poly count you need.

There's also an automatic reducer (Object > Reduce) athough like most reducers its really only useful for bringing a very high poly model down to a mid poly model. Taking a mid poly model to low poly is a job that's best done by hand.

Originally Posted by mooseberry View Post
2. Ok, I know this is dumb, but I'm using POV-Ray to render, only I don't know any code. So I wan't to use povwin, but I'm not really sure how to get it into a .obj?
You should be able to bypass POV and export the OBJ straight from AC3D. AFAIK, there is no OBJ exporter for POVRay?

Originally Posted by mooseberry View Post
3. What is the best way to "round out" boxes? Just careful vertices dragging? specifcally? Subdivision does not work.
I know subdivision is tricky to learn, but it really is the best way to do it. If it's not working for you, you probably need to add some extra cuts first. The distance from your cuts to the edge determines how much the subdivision holds the original shape. Also make sure you stick to only quads and triangles, preferrably quads. It will work better.

I've attached a picture to show you what I mean. I made these by starting with a cube, and then using Insert Vertex \ Slice Surface to add extra cuts. (You could also use the Divide Loop plug-in.) By changing the position of the cuts, I can make the cube more or less round.
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