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Default Re: New Version Daft question

Hi Tony,

Not a daft question - the readme file that's displayed in the Windows installer is only available at the time of installation. On Mac and Linux, the file remains in the installed folder.

Here's the text:


AC3D 8.5.55

fixed - added right-click menu for text fields (Cut/Copy/Paste/Select-all)
fixed - Linux Unicode char for left arrow on folded widget changed to be valid with default font
fixed - Mac - yellow titlebars under Mojave - removed
fixed - Mac - work solving lots of problems with Mac Mojave OS update, especially 10.14.6
fixed - non-resizable TC and Hierarchy windows
fixed - Mac - Render dialog window changed to Document type, so that popup menus show on top
removed - problematic savepng plugin (rec. use copy-to-clipboard function instead)
added - internal texture info to object entity - queryable from Tcl
added - internal command object_select_multiple
added - check for null objects in object_add_child
fixed - Mac compatibility - lots of work after new Mac OSs broke stuff
added - Mac - AC3D creates plugins and scripts folders inside ~/Library/Application Support, if they don't already exist
added - Mac - plugins are now loaded from ~/Library/Application Support, in addition to the dirs inside the bundle
added - Mac - for some licenses, user is now asked permission to record license
added - Mac - certification and notorization
fixed - bug in Surface->Unify-Normals (crash on bad geometry)
added - function Object->texture->Reset texture repeats/offsets
added - menu File->Export-selection
fixed - Mac - Render and Export-selection windows changed to Document type - needed for popup-menus to work (otherwise the menus popup behind)
fixed - Mac - new views are now document window type (mousewheels work on those)
fixed - vertex order of duplicated objects are preserved (was reversed)
changed - color of balloon help changed to grey with white text
changed - reverted to lib3ds for .3ds file loading (was Assimp)
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