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Default Re: zoom and other ui-/ux-habtics

There are many ways to navigate. The view pan and zoom icons were initially put there for whiteboard users and I understand that the mouse pointer can run out of space,which is not ideal. I know other programs hide the mouse pointer but I find this a nasty UI method and it can lead to user confusion.

One method you haven't mentioned is holding the Alt key and dragging the mouse (left for pan, right for zoom). Also, perhaps try walk-mode in the 3D window (on the little menu). Then you use the cursor keys to move, or Alt+mouse to navigate.

A previous version (-very- early) tried zooming being around the mouse (rather than the center of the window) and users found it awkward to use. Once it was fixed to the center, people were much happier.

As long as a text field has focus (indicated by a blue dotted outline), all key presses should go to that. I tend to switch on "set focus on mouse over", so I have to be careful entering text. With that on, entering a view-window switches the focus to that. If you have this set to on, try switching it off.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
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