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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your comments. I do indeed use Bryce for all of my renders. To date I have not had any issues. I am not sure how you modelled your tubular chair support but whenever I make anything tubular I always subdivide it to ensure it is as smooth as possible. The monoscooter had a lot of subdivided parts - many of my models do. Before exporting to Bryce go to the 'Object' tab on the top toolbar, drop down to 'Commit Subdivision', and then export to Bryce. Depending on the size of the model or part I export in .3ds or if the piece is small and simple enough I use Wavefront OBJ.

There are smoothing tools in Bryce as well. Once you have imported your model, hit the E button linked to your model and a small screen pops open - Edit Mesh. Experiment with that and watch your imported model smooth out in front of your eyes.
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