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Default AC3D on Fedora Core 9 -- seg faults

Hi, trying to run AC3D on Fedora Core 9, it seg faults, with the following. I'd really appreciate any help with this -- as there's a class of 100 undergraduate students wanting to use it! Thanks!


AC3D_HOME is /opt/ac3dlx
AC3D 6.1 (C) Copyright 2006 Inivis Limited

Loading settings from /home/toby/.ac3dprefs.
TCL ERROR IN AC3D in tcl/ac3d.tcl:

Stack Trace:
Togl: couldn't get visual
while executing
"togl $parent.$ -rgba true -double true -depth true -accum true
(procedure "make_view" line 31)
invoked from within
"make_view 0 $UI(viewcanvas) $prefs_proj0 true"
(procedure "make_views" line 11)
invoked from within
"make_views "
(file "tcl/ac3d.tcl" line 1759)

Segmentation fault
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