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Default Re: Still cars but different

It may be an artifact of my construction scenario ..

I model and map the car in AC3D, versions in native AC3D

Export it to 3ds studio, import 3ds to zMod, export from zMod to VRL format, which is used in the gaming engine. (you don't even want to know how i get the transparent windows in the game). I read somewhere that VRL is just a renamed wrl file .... mmmm maybe my export scenario is wrong. I will have to experiment.

As you can see in the attached picture .... looks good in AC3D, this is directly reverse engineered from the final VRL file through zMod into 3ds format.

So I figures its a translation issue with normals associated with the surface.

BTW, never done open wheelers, kinda of a roof guy ... sportscars my thing.

FYI, started a blog, (who hasn't), but serves the purpose of informing the game guys about releases as well as generate some interest in the modelling side. i have got some good advice so far so it has been worth it.

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