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Default Re: AC3D 8.6 Out Now!

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
This has not been reported and many are using the latest AC3D. It think it's unlikely due to the AMD but it is of course possible.

There is a known problem with the preferences/settings file. If you ran 8.6 and then went back to 8.5, it won't start up properly. A solution is to delete the ac3dprefs8.txt file from you home folder. Could it be this?

If not, please could you try running it from the command line with "ac3d -debug"?
Hi Andy, AC3D working no problem with drivers 20.11.2, updated to latest drivers 21.2.1 and AC3D stops at dos window. Run -debug and came up with a lot of lines in dos window but still no AC3D. Is the debug information stored anywhere? Change back to drivers 20.11.2 and AC3D working fine. For now I will stay with the old driver untild the next one comes out and try that, Tom.
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