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Default Re: Is there an "XPlane specifics" tutorial for AC3D?

Thanks for your feedback.

Providing documentation for Blender users is an interesting concept .

The scrollbar on the Hierarchy appears only when needed, i.e. when the contents become larger than the window. If this is not working, let me know. Docking the hierarchy – good idea.

It looks like you’ve worked out how selection functions. You need to be in Object selection mode to be able to select individual objects and Tools->Object-properties will only be active when a single object is selected. The hierarchy is object-level only, you can’t drill down to surfaces and vertices.

Object names: The X-Plane obj files are really a destination-only format. As you say, AC3D can import them, but no name data is stored in them. Use AC3D to name objects - select an object and change the name (bottom left of the control panel). Use Menu->Select/Unselect-by-name to find specific objects. Always save/maintain the .ac files and only export the .obj files when you need them. That way, all the name information (and lots of other stuff) is always recorded.

For large models, put geometry in groups and use the folding/unfolding to manage the large hierarchy.

To view the parts that are selected, use the main View menu to look at or fit the current selection.

Textures should appear on your model – you may have accidentally switched of viewing textures – press ‘t’ or tick the textures items in the main 2D/3D menus. To select object by texture, there is a plugin here:

The best manual for the X-Plane plugin is here:

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