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Default Re: ATCsimulator3-Tower Edition


I was an air traffic trainee in 1987. It didn't work out while I was at the Academy, but it stirred my interest in air traffic control that I have built a career upon. So, I set out to combine my programming interest with air traffic to produce the sim you saw at my webpage. That idea was born in 1987, but did not find its place until 2001 with the first publication. There have been a few attempts at a tower simulator, none of which have done a very good job. So, that is what I have set out to do. I'm having to learn as I go, but I am having fun doing it. Your feedback is helping me a lot BTW. :-) And, if you're curious, ATCsimulator 1 and 2 have sold about 60,000 copies to date. So, hopefully, the majority of those users will wish to purchase ATCsimulator3 - Tower Edition.

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