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Default Re: AC3D 8.6 Out Now!

AC3D 8.6.11

added - Object-Thicken gadget added to control panel
fixed - object-library menu item was being over written by "save <filename>" after a save
fixed - increased compatibility with older Mac OSs
added - ExportUV as BMP plugin from Dennis (adds to Tools menu)
fixed - bug in View->background_image resource - entity_get_value tcl cmd would return 32 bit int rather than 64
added - optimization of polygon reduction code in Object->Reduce - faster on large models
fixed - assimp import - objects now have their rotation matrices fixed after loading
fixed - corrected edit type to text for DXF-circle-points and texture-update-time in File->Settings->Files (was boolean/checkbox)
added - Boolean ac_get_plugin_file_path(char *filename, char *output) searches plugin folders for file, outputs full path if exists
fixed - Shift-control key commands e.g. shift-control-a to unselect all, stopped working - Tcl/Tk key handling has now been made the same as Windows - code updated to fix
added - additional support for pointer types in Entity objects
fixed - Bas Relief plugin - crashed on some systems
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