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Default FAQ - common problems

FAQ for most common problems.


Q. AC3D crashes after a few operations. Why?

A. 99.9% of the time, this is a problem with the graphics drivers. If you have problems, try and make sure you have a recent set of drivers installed. Download updates from the card manufacturer's website or the computer manufacturer. Occasionally, some very new drivers have faults (we have seen this with ATI cards) sometimes, falling back to a slightly less bleeding-edge driver is necessary.

Some -very- old cards don't handle OpenGL (AC3D's graphics) well and sometimes it's not possible to get new drivers.

Motherboards with on-board graphics (Intel/SiS) can sometimes be underpowered and have problems. If you are able to fit one, a cheap (perhaps second hand?) NVidia or ATI graphics card upgrade can enhance the graphics performance.


Q. AC3D won't start - why?

A. This is usually caused by unarchiving the downloaded AC3D file with a buggy stuffit-type program. (if you look in the console, you may see tcl errors which indicate bad files). We recommend using the standard system unarchiving programs.


Q. When I perform a selection, something totally different gets selected. What's going on?

A. This is usually caused by your graphics card settings set to anti-alias 3D graphics. You need to switch this off or set it to 'less the application choose' or something similar. Access the settings from the system control panel.
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