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Default Re: question help model Maya staircase pyramid

Hello dvdl
( I just remember my first beginnings ) ) )

first get real/estimated data for "base building/structure":

bottom surface 55x55m
top surface 20x20m estimated

height 30m
consisting of 9 boxes/cuboids
to get a (not mathematical exact, if you want, do your own thoughts about
height and 9 steps, but you wrote "approximately" :-))
shape for the "bevel values/estimate":

first draw a box/cuboid
size to 55,30,55
move to 0,15,0
select the top surface
size to 20,0,20

then draw a second box/cuboid
size to 55,30/9,55
move to 0,30/9/2,0
select the top surface
scale to 97,100,97 (try, estimate)

then duplicate box/cuboid/object to get the third
move to 0,30/9*1.5,0
select the whole box/object
scale to 92.5,100,92.5 (try, estimate until "bottom-vertices" fit to shapeline)

and so on .....

I suppose, you are familiar with using AC3D commands ...
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