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Default Re: Mapping (Frustrated)

I figured this out on my own.

This is what they don't document:

To map the various surfaces onto a template for painting or texturing later (final product will be an image file showing the wireframe, which can be used as a base layer for a template):

1. Open your model file. No need to open a texture file.
2. In Surface mode, select everything.
3. Open the TCE window (Tools/Texture Coordinate Editor).
4. At lower left of TCE window, set your default size. I work in 1024x1024.
5. Close TCE window.
6. In whatever chunk you desire (such as a whole side, or one or more surfaces), select the surfaces and leave them highlighted. Check and make sure you didn't mistakenly select more surfaces than you intended.
7. Open the TCE window. Your selected surfaces will be black frame, highlighted. Resize and re-position as needed. Close the TCE window.
8. Repeat 6 and 7 until everything is selected.
9. In the main screen, select all surfaces.
10. Open the TCE window. All of your surfaces should be present. Click anywhere on the TCE window backround to de-highlight the wireframes. Everything should now be white wireframes. Rearrange and re-size everything so it fits in the black square (click or drag a box to highlight and move or re-size). You now have a a white wireframe template of your model inside of a 1024x1024 square.
11. Hit print-screen or use the TCE screen capture, and save the file.

The file can now be used as a base layer in a graphics editor like Gimp or Photoshop. Paint or add graphics as you so desire. Save the final image, and you can now use this as your texture file. When you re-open AC3D, load the texture as normal, and repeat steps 1-10 above if needed, using the new texture. You now have a textured model.
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