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Default Re: Ordering vertices on an inclined line


I probably did not describe my problem accurately. I'm just starting my adventure with AC 3D...

A / I mean situations where the edge of my body has disordered vertices - they do not lie on one straight line. This is, for example, a ship's inclined stem. If it was perpendicular or parallel to the X axis, one stroke is enough with the frame. I know that. But the stem is at 50 degrees .

For now, I quickly (using a selection box ) set all the vertices parallel to the X axis, then click-rotate, click-rotate, click-rotate (in AC 3 D there is no protractor, I do not know how much I should rotate exactly, so I have to aim).

Am I doing the right thing? Or maybe there is a method similar to projecting onto a straight line?

B / I build a cylinder and extrude its front wall to the left (even 3-4 times). Do these surfaces have to be removed after this operation or can they remain?
For now, I get a cylinder empty inside, divided into segments.

I came up with the idea to press the button - Duplicate first, and then extrude the surface out.
It works. So it has to be ?

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