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Default Re: Metasequoia (.mqo) export?

I want go into exhaustive detail here but...
The first thing I have to do is convert/transpose vertex values (because 3di doesn't use the exact same coordinate reference - vertical is "Y" in AC3d, mqo, etc, but it's "Z" in 3di file format)

The red block of values at the end is everything converted to hex values that I need to copy/paste/build the file.

Luckily, the .mqo Face values are pretty straightforward to import

BUT... I have to do a LOT of excel calculations to calculate OTHER values that I need for each face, such as the values of the normals, among other things.
This is just Face 0. I have a separate tab/sheet for EACH face.

Again, I have to convert everything to hex values to use them.

So... since you asked and said you were "interested" - there you have it.
What you are looking at, is just a small snippet of YEARS of work to finally create a (clunky) method for converting the values I need.
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