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Default Re: Is there an "XPlane specifics" tutorial for AC3D?

> You are using panel manipulators on meshes without panel texture.

When I import some "panel" (cockpit) .obj files I notice that AC3D does not load the textures, even though they are textured when they are loaded in XPlane.

I can click the X-Plane menu and click "X-Plane panel properties" but the only thing in there is a checkbox "enable panel regions".

When I click that, I am assuming this is how XPlane gets the panel metadata?

Are there instructions for "X-Plane Panel Properties" and for the rest of the tasks necessary to make panels for X-Plane with AC3d and the plugin?

Is there something special about textures and .obj import? Why do some .obj files open in AC3D without error and yet without any texture information, and yet when that same .obj is opened in XPlane via plane maker (add the obj to the plane .acf as a reference) it is loaded and has textures?

Given the free status of Blender, I think AC3D's big bonus here is that there is a TONNE Of features in the X-Plane menu in AC3D. It's too bad it's not well documented, and I can't find much about how to do things with AC3D. If I could simply open a panel (cockpit) .obj and .png and edit and save it, it would really make AC3D into a killer tool for XPlane.

Half the things I try just don't work, and the other half of the time AC3D just crashes when you ask it to import, or export, or change texture. (I am trying to pack up a simple example of a crash, it seems that if I remove enough of a plane folder's assets and import an .obj, the crash may go away, which is strange. It suggests that XPlane plugin is following references to something which causes crashes. I am wondering if AC3D needs to catch exceptions and generate some call stacks and log files, instead of terminating, when something goes wrong during imports in the XPlane importer)

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