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Default 3d printing project

The sphere in the claw was dyed red with acrylic fabric dye. Image 1, Image 2

Finally back home after the Christmas break. Have to say that AC3D performed flawlessly with the Lulzbot. I broke the model into several pieces, printed it in PLA and glued them together. The base was added to the cane body and is entirely friction fit, I have no hope in hell of getting it off again. Now that is precision. Likewise the spherical subtraction from the hand. I gave myself two tenths of a millimetre to play with, anticipating a few burs from support material, and some expansion from painting and gilding (which didn't end up happening because I couldn't make it stick), and the sphere rolls freely without any hint of wobble.

Coming from a Photoshop background to 3D modelling I had a hard time wrapping my head around every other CAD and modeling program I tried. With AC3D I was doing what I wanted to do within minutes, and learning more about the program and better techniques as I worked on my project. Well worth every penny I spent, and I'm already working on my next 3D printing project.

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