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Default Tip: select vertex or virtices

I've been using AC3D for X-Plane models for about eight months now and there are still things that baffle me -- probably because of my general inexperience with 3D modelling. But some things I've figured out.

Here's an easy tip for a problem that often comes up for me.

Let's say you are joining the vertices of two different objects and not welding the two or more vertices together. Then you want to select one vertex on one of the surfaces for some reason, but if you click on it while in vertex mode, you get two or more vertices selected and can't isolate the one vertex you want to select.

Here's the tip:

1) Switch to surface mode and select the target surface. The vertex you want to select will be included in this selection as part of the surface.

2) While the surface is still selected, switch to vertex mode, unselect the other vertices of the surface and you now have the one vertex you want to select.

Maybe all you know this, but I didn't and find it helpful.
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