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Old 27th December 2011, 05:07 PM   #1
Petite Pixie
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Default Suggestion for Bones

I know AC3D does not do animations. But Second Life now has Mesh and I make mesh clothes. SO... The only way I can rig mesh clothing to move in Second Life is to have bones to rig the clothes to... It's not Animation and well not asking for animation but having this kind of access would make it so much better than going to blender (which makes me stare like a deer in headlights with it's impossible learning curve) or 3dmax that I can't afford (and also has an impossible learning curve). How hard would this be to make a plugin for this?
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Default Re: Suggestion for Bones

How hard? Incredibly.
Bones ARE a form of animation.

Don't hold your breath, since this is a horse that's been beaten to death. Adding animation would be a HUGE undertaking, and is outside the planned scope of AC3D. It sucks, i know, but that's just how it is, I'm afraid.

If you must use bones, I would give you the suggestion to get the latest copy of Blender 2.6 (since it's free) and have at it. I do not envy you trying to learn to use Blender, though.... talk about complete sensory overload....
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