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Default Gaming Dice

So I was thinking to myself, "Self, you should make some custom dice to put up on Shapeways so that people will buy them and give you free money forever."

Never one to argue with myself, I decided I was right.

Question is, what should I make for my theme? There's already lots of steampunk dice out there thats just gears everywhere, so I'd like to make something that stands out a bit more.

Maybe bone dice that are actually hollow pieces that look like lashed together bones? Maybe some dwarven dice that have riveted accent plating along the edges?

I dunno, I'll think of something (and I'm open to suggestions). In the mean time, here's my blank template dice I made. I'll attach the actual .ac file too. I've seen people trying to sell blanks, but dudes, they're geometric shapes with semi-rounded edges. Screw you, I'll make my own and give 'em away for free!
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Default Re: Gaming Dice

I like the idea of bones lashed together. Since shapeways charges by the cm^3 hollow increases your profit margins.
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