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Default Texture a Round Object

I'm having a very hard time trying to understand how to texture a round object and just have the texture appear on the front side.

For example I created a pumpkin, I created a face in my drawing program, then applied it as a texture in AC3D. I see the face on both sides of the pumpkin. Could I get some help on this please?

I know you can move the texture but I'm not sure how to use the TCE well.

Same thing with trying to make a snowman with the eyes and buttons just on the front?

I did view the texture video tutorial.

Thank you!
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Default Re: Texture a Round Object

Sounds like you have both the front and the back of the sphere mapped to the same texture space in the TCE.

Think of your texture sort of like wrapping paper, and the TCE as a template that tells you what part of the paper to cut and glue on your model. If two faces are overlapping in the template, then they will use the same part of the texture and the same image will appear on the model.

What you need to do is highlight the back half of the sphere in the 3D view, then go into the TCE and move the highlighted surfaces to their own area of the map so they aren't on top of anything else. After you move them, be sure to scale whole thing inside the TCE to make sure everything still fits in the box. When you are done, instead of seeing a single circle in the TCE, it should look like two circles side by side. That will let you paint the front and the back separately.
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