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Default Howto?

hey, im kind of newb with these programs. But, modelling is going good. Gonna post some pics soon

Ontopic: Where can i find the download from ''Second Life'' And for what can u use it? I've seen or readed that you can walk into your own models etc, but.. I can't find it annywhere, and do you need to pay it? Or is there to a free trial?
Please, respond back to me. Would be great! See you soon 8)

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Default Re: Howto?

is a massively multiplayer game with user generated content.

You pay.
There is a demo or trial account period.

People pay for things like land, buildings, characters, animations, etc.
There is a whole economy within the game and in the real world based on content for the game.

There are a lot of books on the subject.

Google has 136 million hits for it

The export as far as I can tell is built into AC3D.
Details here
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