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Default How to setup Renderman?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get Ac3d to render with Renderman (now that it's free) but there's not much info on this regard. By searching the forums I ran into some old info on BMRT (blue moon rendering tools) and Gelatto, but it seems to be a bit outdated.

I tried setting the render options to use prman, now the rib file gets exported but no render is generated, I have to CD into the rib's directory and from a shell window run "prman myfile.rib" to get an image generated; however, the image produced is distorted, check this screenshot:

I was checking renderman's rendering options to use in Ac3d's render parameters using the info I found on this link:

But anything I try makes prman crash so I left it with the default "%s"

Does anyone know how to set up renderman? It would be very interesting to make it work and get a top-notch renderer working properly in Ac3d


Irrlicht 3d Engine Team
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