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Default MOD: nudge in Texture Coordinate Editor

Add cursor key control to move the selection inside the TCE.

This mod requires editing of internal AC3D script files. If this is done wrong, you could stop AC3D from working. We recommend this is tested on an alternate installation/copy of AC3D.

With a text editor, edit tcl/ac3duvedit.tcl
Go to near the end of the file and find these two lines:

    bind .uvedit s { set uvmode surface ; ac3d uv_selectmode 0 ; uv_do_sensitivity } 
    bind .uvedit v { set uvmode vertex; ac3d uv_selectmode 1 ; uv_do_sensitivity }
After these, insert this text:

    set nudge_dist 0.01
    bind .uvedit <Up> "ac3d uv_move_relative 0 $nudge_dist"
    bind .uvedit <Down> "ac3d uv_move_relative 0 -$nudge_dist"
    bind .uvedit <Left> "ac3d uv_move_relative -$nudge_dist 0"
    bind .uvedit <Right> "ac3d uv_move_relative $nudge_dist 0"
The value for 'nudge_dist' here (0.01) can be changed - this is the distance that the selection will move when one of the keyboard arrow keys is pressed.

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