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Old 19th February 2024, 03:56 AM   #1
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Default ac3dprefs8.txt

ac3dprefs8.txt is invalid ac3d prefs files
Three installations and always the same message
No file in Local\util
Version Ac3d 9.1
How do I create the file?
Is it possible to write the following commands:
CPR 12
num_surface_div 12
sphere_triangles FALSE
extrude_num 1grid 0.100000
drawgrid 1.000000
grid3d_square 1.000000
grid3d_size 20.000000
grid3d_show TRUE
show_vertices TRUE
show_drawgrid TRUE
show_objectcentres FALSE
gridsnap FALSEview3dmode 0
wireframe_move FALSE
Meshy 8
mesh_triangles FALSE
realtimecolour TRUE
vert_size 3
vert_size_selected 5
handle_size 12
independent_scaling TRUE
axis_size 1.000000
show_axis TRUE
output_vrml_normals FALSE
output_vrml_textures TRUE
handles_hollow FALSE
hole_percent 50
undo_levels2 50
show_hidden_3d FALSE
fit_view_after_load TRUE
fit_view_factor 0.800000
init3d_x 0.000000
init3d_y 0.000000
init3d_z 10.000000
font_main "{arial} 9 {bold}"
font_menu "{arial} 9 {bold italic}"
font_bold "{arial} 9 {bold}"
col_background 0x282828
col_foreground 0xFFFFFF
col_line 0xAAAAAA
col_selline 0xFFFFFF
col_vert 0x63C6col_selvert 0x80FF
col_box 0x80FF
col_grid 0x2F2F2F
col_axis 0x555555
col_3dgrid 0x2F2F2F
col_3dbackground 0x282828
col_xaxis 0xDD0000
col_yaxis 0xBB00
col_zaxis 0x6666DD
col_edge 0x333333
col_locked 0xBBBBBB
view3dtextures TRUE
spike_factor 0.200000draw_moving_vertices FALSE
revolve_degs 360.000000
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Old 23rd February 2024, 04:37 AM   #2
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Default Re: ac3dprefs8.txt

Sorry I don't understand the problem. The file is automatically written when AC3D quits. Are you saying that it's failing to write it or that it is corrupt?

I can see problems with the file you show. What is it you are trying to do?
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Old 24th February 2024, 03:54 AM   #3
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Default Re: ac3dprefs8.txt

NB: "the cause of the PRG display and discontinuation"
For some unknown reason, the file "ac3dprefs8.txt" c is deleted from the user directories.
After three successive installs, the file is not set up.
I had to create the file with Notepad++ with the commands from the first post.
Installing the file, the prg is back up and running
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