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Default Re: Ignore backface option

	set surf_label [label $hide_frame.surf_label -text "Surf:"]
    set UI(surf_selected)   [cbutton $hide_frame.surf_selected " Sel " "ac3d surfaces_hide_selected" "hide selected surfaces"]
#    set UI(surf_unselected) [cbutton $hide_frame.surf_unselected " Unsel " "ac3d surfaces_hide_unselected" "hide unselected surfaces"]
    set UI(surf_unhide)     [cbutton $hide_frame.surf_unlock " None " "ac3d surfaces_unhide_all" "Unhide all surfaces"]
	grid $surf_label -row 2 -column 0 -sticky w
	grid $UI(surf_selected) -row 2 -column 1 -sticky w
#	grid $UI(surf_unselected) -row 2 -column 2 -sticky w
	grid $UI(surf_unhide) -row 2 -column 3 -sticky w
I have the above snippet added to my tcl/ac3d.tcl file around line 1909, just above the line that says "# SURFACE TYPE" Warning, this may void your warranty, so keep a backup!
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