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Default Re: crease angle: smaller instead of larger?

Originally Posted by luuckyy View Post
The manual sentence makes perfect sense for me, if it talks about the inner angle between 2 surfaces. And I suppose this is what it does ;)
I believe it talks about the angle between the surfaces' normals -- between 0 (same direction) and 180 (opposite direction).

An experiment:
Make a cube.
Set the crease angle to 85.
Then to 95.
It is being "smoothed" at 95.
But the "angle between adjacent surfaces" is 90 whether inner or outer.
And 90 is less than the crease angle of 95.
So the manual shouuld say "if this is *less than* the crease angle the surfaces will be smoothed". (Or should it be "less than or equal to"?)
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