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Default .Obj Exports Just Single Material (Updated With Solution)

No matter how I create groups, assign textures, etc., in AC3D, when I export to an .obj format file, I always end up with only one default Material (newmtl_1), and no groups. After exporting I want to create a UV map specifically for an .obj file (it HAS to be .obj.) utilizing 3 or 4 groups. I've tried fiddling with it in UV Mapper and AccuTrans 3d. No dice. Any suggestions? (Using AC3D 4.08 for Windows.)

UPDATE: Ok, after fighting with this for a couple of hours, I have found a way to do this in case anyone else runs into the same problem. Export as 3DS from AC3D, then open in Wings and export as .OBJ. When the file is opened in UV Mapper, it uncludes the assigned textures, and they're actually labeled AC3DMat_1, 2, 3 & 4! Go figure!
Anyway, if you need this info, here it is. If you know of another way just using AC3D, please let me know.
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