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Default Re: How to find "non-manifold" an "open edges" objects

Hi Lumptom,

I have a few suggestions.

Switch to Surface select mode, select-all (press Control-a) and try Tools->Select-leaky-surfaces.

In Vertex select mode, select everything again (or the area you are working on) and use menu Edit->Select-Vertices->Boundary.

They will find the places where there are holes/open-edges - which can be created from boolean ops, especially multiple booleans. They may not be entirely obvious but if you move a surface which is leaky, you should see a hole appear at one of the vertices.

To fix these, you may be able to delete vertices or combine surfaces to remove edges.

Also, you can set all surface to single sided. If you then look around the models and see any gaps, some surfaces will probably need their normals flipping. Switch on display of normals too - that can be handy.

Also useful would be to optimize surfaces (to remove any duplicate surfaces) and optimize vertices.

If you haven't seen it - this may be useful:
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