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Default once again: transparency

there have been a few threads on transparency, especially in the X-Plane section. I detected an issue that puzzles me a bit and which may or may not be one of the culprits why it is so difficult to apply semi-transparent textures (also in X-Plane).

Long story short: I created a simple object consisting of 4 independend faces. All set to flat, 2sided.Two of them are textured with a DDS texture including an alpha channel for the windows. As long as this alpha-channel is 100% black, everything works as expected. The oddities start as soon as there is some opacity applied by reducing alpha-channel black to (in this example) 80%.

As long as the "frontside" is at the bottom of the hierarchy, everything still looks ok.

Rotating the object by 180 and thus looking to the "backside" (being 2nd last in the hierarchy) makes the texture of the opposite side disappear.

I haven't found one single way to make this texture in question visible - no matter what tricks I tried to play. I seems to me that AC3D only allows semi-transparency on the lowest hierarchy level, while full transparency is possible on all levels.

Simple question: why?

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