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Default Getting all normals facing same direction?

OK, I've been fooling around with a really nice aircraft model that I downloaded, and the normals are all screwed up when the model is viewed in the simulator that I'm working with (Slope Soaring Sim). Is there a way to force all normals to point one direction? Currently about half face the "right" way, and the other half face the "wrong" it looks as though I've got a skeleton flying through the air LOL.

I'm sure this is a common newbie problem, and I have tried fixing it myself through various combinations of selecting surfaces and trying to either switch their normals or make the surfaces two sided. It doesn't seem to be working...of course, the model looks fine within the 3D preview window of AC3D, making the job tougher.

Am I going to have to go through the model and switch offending normals by hand? That could take a while...oh boy!
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