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Default Re: Getting all normals facing same direction?

I think it was Rick that said he was going to write a plugin to do this. Currently, here's not yet a function to do this automatically, however there are some things you can do to make this process easier.

Switch on display of normals (orth and 3d menus) the direction of each surface is indicated by a line. (you can change the length of the normal lines from file->settings).

Setting all surfaces to be single-sided will help in the 3D window where you should be able to tell where flipped surfaces are - these are the ones that need to be selected and have Surface->flip-normals run on them.

To select more than one surface in the 3D window, hold down control and shift whilst clicking on each surface. (clicking ensures you only select the surfaces that's directly under the mouse, dragging would select everything under the mouse).

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