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Default How to align things to a specific axis?

Let's say I want to align verts, surfaces or objects to a specific axis. How can I do this? I know about the "Snap objects by vertices" command, but that only seems to align things along one axis.

Let me describe my problem. I'm tracing a reference photo using the line tool. I traced an eye, duplicated and mirrored it, and placed it on the other side of the face. After positioning the duplicate in the front view, I switched views and noticed the two eyes were out of alignment on the Z axis. I selected one vertex from each object and used the "Snap objects to veritices" command. That worked and the eyes are now aligned on the Z axis. Now what I'm trying to do is align them on the Y axis so the two eyes look even from the front. I thought maybe if I selected the same two vertices again and switched to the side view it would align them along the Y axis, but it didn't. It moved the two verts to the same location, meaning I would have to manually move one eye back again, messing up the vertical alignment.

Similarly, is there any way to constain to movement along one axis when creating an object?
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