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Default Re: Importing terrain files?

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
The length of the red line will be the same as the y-size of the selection if you select one of the (lower) vertices in the upper tile, and another which is in line with the bottom end of the red line.
But, what if there is no vertex in line with the bottom end of the red line? (I added the red line in photoshop, so I would have no actual visual reference in AC3D.) Also, keep in mind that the bottom of the red line might be in a "valley" so my view of it is blocked from all sides. What I thought MIGHT work was...

1. draw a line straight down from the bottom vertex with a length that takes it THROUGH one of the mesh terrain "tiles."
2. Find some way to "intersect" or "knife" so that a vertex appears where the line goes through the tile.

However, I can't find anything that will work for step 2.

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