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Default Re: Does AC3D have these features?

Simply select two vertices and the distance will be displayed at the top of the interface.

Yes - you can draw circles. The default is a circle (line). You can change it into a single polygon by changing the surface type to poly (bottom left of control panel, select-surface-type). Alternatively create a Disk object which is a circle made from triangles.

No arcs, but you can make a circle and delete or move the vertices.

To make things a specific size or in a particular position use the Size-to and Move-to functions in Utils at the bottom let of the control panel. Use the move gadget to shift your selection by a specified amount.

Sorry, there are no detail texturing tutorials. You can't mark seams but you can select different sets of surfaces and map those. The LSCM unwrap is a powerful function which helps "flatten out" a section for mapping.

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