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Default Re: Selecting polygons with 2 vertices

Thank you for the prompt reply!

Unfortunately, this results in an empty selection. Through experimentation, I have found 2 partial solutions, but neither gets me all the way there.

The first way is to manually select the 2 vertexes in "vertex mode", then switch to "surface mode", and the bad surface will then be selected. Obviously, with many thousands of verts, I don't want to walk the entire model doing this.

The second way is to select all triangles and then "Cut Away" the objects. This works better, but unfortunately makes a mess of the hierarchy because not everything is a triangle, and it is time consuming to reassemble the model afterwards.

Is it possible there is something wrong in my model that would prevent "select invalid polygons" from working? I've already made sure everything is a polygon (not line or polyline).

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