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Default Improvement on 'Explode' Feature

Having started to experiment with this particular part of AC3D for the purposes of blowing stuff up (!) I've noticed that it would be useful to have a couple of extra features that may make the Explode function more 'realistic'?

Currently the explode function will create separate verticies and move out from the source object following a fixed path, ie away in a straight line.

What I would wish for is a couple of extra options - 'turbulence' where the exploded verticies would move away in a random fashion and turn in the wind (so to speak). A direction feature would be useful where you could specify the verticies to explode and the path for them to follow - from this you may be able to construct an explosion where panels on say, the side of a spacecraft could blow outwards from the impact of a missile/laser fire etc.

As such I think it proabbly is already possible to do these things by highlighting panels to move/turn and set direction, but improving on the current plug-in may make life a bit easier to create such an effect.

Thanks for any consideration!

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