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Hi! really don't know what is it the texture baking? then:
if we texturing a model and we then illuminate it from a side, the illuminated part
is clearer and that not illuminated is darker (logic no!) but this effect could be seen only in the program in which we are working the model, if we export the model in an any format, for example 3ds, remains only the model and the texture, but the illumination and the shadows don't come saved, with the texture baker instead, this could be done, practically we create the model, we give him a texture, we illuminate it from one side and with the texture baker we render them and all the information of light and shadows of the model would be saved on the UV texture map, as if we use the model in an other program that doesn't have lights, it give us the feeling that the model comes illuminated from a side like in this image from a barrel textures created with blender:


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