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Default Re: controlling the extrusion centre

Hi Dennis! Nice to learn you're still around with both hands in 3D (quite shameful of mine, actually, as I was the one who disappeared )

Yes, I came myself to that workaround and it actually does its job well enough in a number of cases.
Still, as you say, sometimes getting rid of the resulting stray surfaces is a mess, and placing your selected center-point exactly where you wish is even worse.
The latter would be welcome more often than one may think, as in many cases it would be convenient to extrude two objects separately along the same path, and then to merge them after the necessary adjustments have been made.
You certainly can extrude them together and then split the result, but this requires its share of boring work - you must first build a "sum" object by selecting all points in the right order, making a surface and then reducing it to line, which in some cases can be pretty long, tricky and awkward. Besides, even selecting the right surfaces afterwards in order to split the extruded object isn't always a piece of cake

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