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Default Apply Textures After Subdivision Preview is Calculated

One I only just now found.

Working on making an anime head and was messing around with just the eyes at the moment, trying to make them large enough. As usual, I'm working with a level or two of subdivision on a fairly simple underlying mesh.

And, well, it'll be easier to just show you.

On the left is the un-subdivided eye. Note the texture has nice round glare in the center of the eye. On the right is the same mesh with the subdivision set to 2. Notice how the nice oval glare has become pinched and spikey.

What it appears to me to be happening is that the program is applying the texture to the mesh, then subdividing while trying to keep the texture in the same relative position. But since the vertexes are moving, its distorting the texture in the preview.

Granted, its not an issue if you commit the subdivision and then remap the texture, but would it be too much processor overhead to have the texture mapper take subdivisions into account before overlaying the skin?
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