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Hello all,

I'd posted this question in another thread, but it was a bit off-topic, so I though it'd be better to ask it in its own.

Basically, when ever I hear or see "Constructive Solid Geometry" editing, or CSG-based editing.. I think of the Unreal Editor which, to me, is the most efficient and logical game level editor I've ever used - from Unreal 1 all the way up through UT2004. The thing is, UEd was the first editor of its kind (that I'm aware of) to ever take the approach they did to level editing.. using CSG to allow people to quickly carve out rooms, hallways, windows, doorways, etc from a "solid mass", and then just as quickly lay in things like pillars, stairs, etc. The whole approach used by most Quake editors, starting from an "empty space" and having to build everything "brick-by-brick" so to speak has never made sense to me and always felt like way too much work.

In any case, that said, I'm wondering how the CSG plug-in works for AC3D? I don't imagine it has the same "carving" method of working, necessarily, as UEd, where you "subtract" a mesh to create the room, which is basically a contiguous mesh with all its normals facing in. But, if it's even half as intuitive as I find editing in UEd to be, then I'd most definitely be willing to pull out my wallet right now and buy a full license.

Can anyone provide some insight to how the CSG functionality works in AC3D?

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