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Also, I realize that all the normals/faces are facing out, which I imagine would have to be flipped inwards to make it a playable level...
That shouldn't be the case - the only reason for outward facing normals is the "solid geometry" (SG) part of the operation. If you were to create a "box", then carve out the inside of the box with a second box, the normals on the "inside" of the carved box would be inward-facing relative to the box itself, so should be perfectly visible when you're "inside" the box.

I believe "outward facing normals" here means that all normals must face away from the center of the object. For example, you may have a cube in AC3D with all normals facing inward - if the cube is rendered using one-sided faces, you'd get an "open room" look when you were outside the cube. This, however, is the kind of geometry you would not want to perform a CSG operation with (you'd end up with some artifacts).
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