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Hello again..

Ahh.. okay, thank you.

That makes more sense. So, you'd be doing the overall layout with the normals facing out, so that the CSG operations can perform properly.. but when it comes to actually prep'ing it for conversion or import into a 3D game editor, you would turn them in so that the walls are facing the player.

I would see the "one cube inside another" aspect useful if you're building a structure that would be seen on the outside and on the inside.

As for the Union CSG operation.. is that what would allow a hallway to be attached to a room simply by placing the hallway mesh flush up against the room mesh and then selecting "union"? Or.. as I've seen happen in other editors, would that leave a face "closing off" the hallway from the room?

Well.. I was going to try and show this in ascii models.. but it didn't work out in the actual posted message.. Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone with the verbal description alone. :-)

Thanks again!
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