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I see..

Well, the thing that I'd hope to avoid, if using AC3D, is an after-effect I've seen in other 3D programs (including LW)...

First let me make sure I'm explaining the setup. There are two meshes, just a large cube for a room, and a smaller one for a hallway. Both with their normals facing out, single-sided polys on each.

Now.. Since as they have to be intersecting for the Union to take place and he correct result to occur (a hole between the hall and room, resulting in a contiguous mesh), this is where the annoying part comes in with other programs.

If the floor of the hall and floor are on the same plane and, thus, overlapping and sharing the same space when the Union occurs, you end up with this extra "outline" of where the hall "floor" was overlapping the room "floor", causing extra polys, etc.. And it's a pain to have to go back and clean up.

Does the CSG in AC3D have similar results, or does it "understand" that the hall mesh is supposed to be an extension of the room mesh, not adding any unneeded geometry to the larger mesh's "floor" surface?

Again.. this is wierd to explain, and I wish I had a screenshot handy... but maybe you can figure out from the explanation.. or if someone has the ability to try it... if it happens similarly to LW, you'll know what I'm talking about immediately. If not.. that's a good thing :-).
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