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Default Different textures?

Yet another problem with the SDK in my .3ds importer:
I use
ok = search_and_set_texture(object, g_filename, texture);
to apply a texture to an object. g_filename if the filename, as given to the loading function of the plugin. texture is the name of the texture as it appears in the .3ds file.

For most models this works perfectly. But some models seem to have problems: only a _single_ texture is used for all objects, although the model uses different textures.
The function call uses the correct values for the "texture" parameter, according to the printf() I added next to it.
Also according to ac_object_get_texture_index(object) the objects actually use different textures.

I have the impression that this is due to a more complex hierarchy of the model. This particular model looks (in the .3ds file) like this:
- Box04
  - $$$DUMMY
    - rocketbo10
    - rocketbo11
    - rocketbo12
    - [...]
  - Box02
    - $$$DUMMY
      - Box03
      - Box03
  - Box05
Where $$$DUMMY objects are objects that do not contain any faces.

Other models have $$$DUMMY objects on top level only.
Could this be related?

Any hints why only one texture appears?

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