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Default Re: Authoring your own scripts

Originally Posted by MrSteve View Post
and where do these scripts appear in the program itself?
Rather a long time since these questions were asked. Editing scripts - use notepad. Or a much more complete editor with context help, syntax colouring etc is Komodo Edit (

To learn Tcl, download and install Tcl. I recommend the ActiveState version - and look for the Community free edition. There is a manual with it.

Demo. Create a file (in notepad or KomodoEdit) containing the following line: add command -label "Hello world" -command "tk_messageBox -message {Hello World}" -underline 0

(it is all one line, no carriage returns). Save in your AC3D program directory as

<Program File>/AC3D <VVV>/scripts/helloworld.tcl

(substitute the correct directories for Program File and VVV version).

Start AC3D; there should be a menu entry under Tools "Hello world". Select that option and a popup window saying "Hello World" appears. YOU did that. There are many other commands that could replace tk_messageBox, for example "ac3d select_all" instead of "tk_messageBox -message {Hello World}" will cause the Hello World menu entry to select all objects in your display.
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