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Default Show us what you've made

Post images of your AC3D creations and let us know what, how, where...

How to save an image from AC3D:
Windows/Mac - 1) use "Copy Image to Windows/Mac Clipboard" from the Camera menu above each View Window; 2) In you favourite paint program, paste the image (resize if needed) and save it.
Windows/Mac/Linux - use "Save 3D win as PNG" from the Tools menu

For a higher quality image, temporarily switch on anti-aliasing from the 3d view menu.

How to post a message with your image:
Post a message in this forum section (Press the 'New Thread' button) and click on the paperclip icon at the top of the message editor to add your image.

Any image less than 800 pixels wide will show at full resolution inline in your message.

Whilst it is possible to put images inline (e.g. if you are using photobucket or another image store site), images like this get lost when the image store site account times out, so please attach images to the forum message (press the paperclip icon).

Attached images will be considered for display in the AC3D gallery.

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