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Default Child object access from within Blitz3D

Hi all,
this is my very first post, so please be kind

I'm using AC3D since few days, and so far I'm very happy with the features, and the user-friendly approach.

However, since I'm quite a newbie, I'm currently stuck accessing the objects from an extern program.

I try to explain me better.

I want to develop a slot machine game. So I build a slot machine model from within AC3D, which consists of one chassis and three wheels.

Thus I create three objects: a box, and three cylinders wheel_1, wheel_2, and wheel_3.

I set the correct name for each object by filling the object name text box (down left of the AC3D window), then I export the model as a .3DS, since AC3D does not export to B3D (Blitz3D) format.

From within Blitz3D program I can successfully load the .3DS model using LoadAnimMesh, but I can't access to each single object, for example a wheel. [I use the statement: child = FindChild (Mesh, "wheel_1") ]

I want to access to each wheel, because I want to rotate it, as it happens in a real slot machine.

I've found a workaround to this:
- load the .3DS model into Milkshape
- set a joint on each center of the wheels
- assign each joint to the vertices of each wheel
- export the model to .B3D.

So now I can access to each joint from within Blitz, and when I rotate a joint, the associated wheel rotates accordingly.

The question: is there any other method simpler than that ? Fact is, when I want modify the model from within AC3D - which I find much more intuitive than Milkshape - then I have to export to .3DS, import in Milkshape, create and position the joints - and that is already a frustrating task because I can't find any snap-to-grid feature in Milkshape - , finally export it to .B3D format... :shock:

Would be nice to gain access to each object from the exported .3DS, but perhaps the .3DS does not contain such a feature ?

Could someone help me ? Oh, and sorry for the long post !

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