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Default Yes but...

Thanks StuC for your reply.

Yes one way would be to create each component of whole 'world' - in this case the slot machine - as separated models, so to have full control over it.

Anyway, this task results rather uncomfortable with worlds made with lots of objects, and also positioning each of it in the program which uses that models would not be such a trivial task.

In fact I have to keep track of the position of each object in the world, then reposition the object at 0,0,0 in AC3D before export it, otherwise when I rotate it from within the host program, it will rotate along a wrong axis.

This is in some way unpractical, and leaves room for errors and approximations.

More, try to imagine the following scenario: a model of a military ship, whit lots of turrets, antennas and cannons to be turned indipendently.

Would be really useful to have the possibility to set joints in this case - as Milkshape does - and assign vertices to that, so later I can - from within the Blitz3D program - find and rotate each joint and hey presto, the turrets turn while remaining correctly placed in regard of the ship.

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